Wet and wild!

The rain was lashing down this morning and the wind was very wild. There was absolutely no incentive to leave my room! Except, perhaps for breakfast. By the time I got downstairs, Diane had been out to buy bagels from the Saint Valeur bakery, which is reputedly the best bagel shop in Montreal. It has been open 24 hours, 7 days a week since 1957. That is quite impressive! The bagels aren’t bad either.

I had two types, one with sesame seeds and the other ‘all dressed’ which means lots of types of seed. They were served with Greek cream cheese and a four fruit jam together. Who would have thought that that combination would be excellent? But it was.

They were accompanied by a lot of talk, mainly on Diane’s part. Topics covered were travel, family, health and spirituality, in which she is a great believer. She was born into a family of 12 in Quebec, collects crosses and has a number of pictures of Jesus around the apartment. There are also Himalayan salt lamps dotted around to dispel negative ions and her spacious home has a very tranquil feel. The wifi in my room is disconnected at 10pm and put back on at 9am so that her guests can have a good night’s sleep free, from wireless waves. She is quite an unusual lady (and very talkative!).

The remainder of the morning was spent lurking in my room. However, once the rain had stopped and it looked as though it was going to be a bit brighter, I ventured out into the cold. As there was no bus due and I didn’t want to wait in the wind, I walked along to catch a different bus. As is becoming my habit, I just missed one and ended up having to wait anyway so I might as well have waited for the bus I intended to catch.

I had decided to go to the Fine Arts Museum and see the Kandinsky to Matisse exhibition as it was definitely an inside day today. This was most interesting and meant that I applied the odd brain cell but some of the paintings were a little different to say the least and I remain a philistine when it comes to art!

Pistachio and cranberries!
Pistachio and cranberries!

As I was leaving, I noticed an Andy Warhol exhibition that was also showing. This had two rooms, one for his posters and one for his illustrations. Somehow I appreciated this more (maybe because it was so small!). There were also a number of women’s magazines from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s exhibited that took me back and also made me appreciate how far we have come in the last 50 years.

I had my (now seemingly usual) luck with the buses on my return journey but managed to get back without totally freezing. Once again, I retired to my eyrie, with tea and cake (pistachio and cranberry from the bakery on St Denis) and other essential supplies and stayed there for the rest of the evening as Diane had a spiritual study group downstairs.