Next stop England!

Country lane near Little Melton
Country lane near Little Melton

The last week or more has seen me travel from Cusco to Norwich, via Lima, Madrid, Gatwick, Lydney and Sherborne. I left Cusco on 26 June and flew to Madrid, where I spent half a night, before flying onto London and catching a coach to Chepstow, where I was picked up by Min. After a couple of days rest and recuperation and catching up on the lack of two nights sleep and the time difference, it was off to Bristol airport on the train/bus, so that I could hire a car to drive to Dorset and my parents. A few days there and I was off again. This time to Norwich, via Watford to visit friends, for a housesit for 13 days. Hopefully, things will be a little calmer and more relaxed now!

Unusual road sign near Little Melton
Unusual road sign near Little Melton

Norfolk is an area that I do not know at all as it is many, many years since I have visited. I am in a small village called Little Melton and I have some pot plants and one cat, Saffy, to attend to. So far, she is ignoring me and, as I write, is asleep on top of the boiler. It is obviously a comfy spot! She will soon realise, I am sure, that I am the source of the food supply and become less aloof.

The weather last week was beautiful and I could see England at its best as I travelled around. The hedgerows are full of elderflower and cow parsley and the lanes full of tractors! It was also the start of Wimbledon, so there was some excellent television viewing to be had and it was a good time to be a couch potato, television in itself being a bit of a novelty after all this time.

I can also flush the toilet paper down the toilet once again and use the tap water to brush my teeth. Surprisingly, it took me several days to stop looking for the little bin beside the toilet. Not only that but the locals understand me and I understand them! Hooray! No more struggling with a foreign language.

It does, however, seem a little tame after all that noise and colour in Peru but I have some beautiful old buildings and a vast array of goods to choose from in the supermarkets by way of compensation.

A varied roof line!
A varied roof line!

Yesterday, I attempted to visit Norwich myself, having been given a quick tour on Sunday by Amanda, Saffy’s owner. However, as soon as I parked, I realised I had left my glasses and phone in the house. I decided to return and get them but then got totally lost as Norwich has a one way system and I couldn’t find the right road out of the city. Needless to say, I rely on my phone for maps so ended up spending quite some time on some very unfamiliar roads. I had visions of desperately driving around all day in ever increasing circles. It took a while and the reassurance of a tank full of petrol (as opposed to a nearly empty one) to relax and find the way back.

After that, I thought a trip to Wymondham (pronounced in typical British fashion, Wind-um) would be easier. And it was! I had a wander around the small market town, visited the Abbey, which had major building works in progress, and then went to the supermarket where I marvelled at the choice and bought more than I really needed, just because I could!

The afternoon was spent in front of Wimbledon, once again, with occasional forays to the fridge. I may have to get myself into a routine and do some exercise soon!

My latest 'charge' sitting on the boiler
My latest ‘charge’ sitting on the boiler

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