Calca and the Andean Arts

The Chakana with the 12 steps depicting the Incan beliefs
The Chakana with the 12 steps depicting the Incan beliefs

I was feeling somewhat out of sorts today and really just wanted to go home. Consequently, nothing much was done. I spent a frustrating morning trying to apply for more housesits and then took a walk into town to see if I could find a charger for the iPad and phone, having killed the third one in as many weeks last night. Luckily, there were a couple of electronic stalls in the market so I was able to buy one at a quarter of the price that I had paid in Cusco. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts and if it actually works.

I had a stroll around the town, visiting the cemetery, watching a school band practise and going to the market once again. Having bought a good supply of fruit, avos and bread, I had an excellent lunch, when I returned to the house, complete with two desserts. I had bought an apple pie and Mabel then gave me banana cake with honey!

School band practice!
School band practice!

Whilst I was in the garden eating, another one of their friends arrived. This one had an Andean Cultural Centre, Apulaya, where they taught Andean arts such as weaving, music and art. David had mentioned this to me, so when Valerio arrived, I arranged to go and have a look later in the afternoon. It turned into a very entertaining time. Valerio’s wife, Emerita, is Swiss and has become very involved in learning about the Andean way of life and culture. She gives art lessons, Valerio does the music and his mother teaches weaving. However, it is not just the practical lessons they give but also teaching about the philosophy and background. I am now enrolled for the next couple of days to learn about weaving and music!

This 'graffiti' is all over Peru
This ‘graffiti’ is all over Peru

Valerio’s wife is very talkative and we had quite a chat and a laugh. There was also a young Australian girl, Bobbie, there, who had been in Calca for three weeks and had totally immersed herself, staying with a local family, going to Spanish lessons, visiting the villages and attending the festivals. She is only 22 but seems much older.

The afternoon passed very quickly and it was quite late by the time I eventually returned to my room.

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