Nothing like a good book!

Some extremely loud Americans woke me up this morning. My room is on the ground floor next to the reception area and I have now heard a lot of American children but have never actually sighted them. Apparently, they were all off to Machu Picchu today, hence the early start.

I had wanted to stay an extra night or two in Ollantaytambo but, unfortunately, this guest house was full, so I had booked another Airbnb place. Consequently, I had to pack up and move this morning. My new room is in the old Inca part of town, where the buildings are all made of stone and there are narrow, pedestrian streets, most of which have channels of water, built by the Incas, running down them.

The courtyard of my accommodation
The courtyard of my accommodation

My room is very pleasant and Pierina had put candles in the niches that the Incas used for ornaments and there were 2 Peruvian chocolates on the pillow. The bathroom is outside and fairly basic, so, for the same price that I had been paying, I was getting a lot less. I found out afterwards, that had I not booked through Airbnb I would have paid about 1/3rd of the price and, if I was Peruvian, even less. I was not impressed!

My reading corner on the verandah
My reading corner on the verandah
Cacti growing out of the roof?
Cacti growing out of the roof?

My lack of motivation to do anything continued so I sat on the balcony and read for a while until an English couple, Jason and Lauren, returned from their work at the Chocolate Museum and I had a long chat to them. They were pleased to exchange the book I had finished for one of theirs. I realised I had already read it when I was about a quarter of the way through but, by that time, was well into the story and kept reading.

I eventually went out again at about 3pm, sat in the Sacred Heart Cafe (some of whose profits go towards one of the projects assisting women and children) and had a sandwich whilst applying for more housesits. Afterwards, I went for a walk down to the railway station, hoping that I could do a loop around the town, but it was a dead end street so I had to turn around and come back again, accompanied by scores of buses and mini vans who were dropping off and picking up tourists from the station.

Then it was back to the room for a bit more reading before going out for a drink in the early evening. The bar was too noisy for me though so I didn’t stay long before returning to my room, where I continued with the book until bedtime. There is nothing like a good book!!

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