A very lazy day!

Today was an extremely lazy day. After breakfast, which took even longer than usual as Maruja had to go and buy the tomatoes to put in my scrambled eggs, I pottered in my room in the morning, catching up with various things on the internet, and then caught a collectivo into town. This was relatively quiet as it was Sunday. Guilf had told me of a festival somewhere around, but I decided not to go to it as it was quite late by the time I set off.

Plaza de Armas in Huaraz
Plaza de Armas in Huaraz

Instead, I found a cafe for lunch and then strolled up to the plaza where I ended up sitting on a park bench for well over an hour. This is the centre of activity on a Sunday afternoon and I never feel out of place just sitting and watching as so many other people are doing exactly the same.

I was joined on my bench by 3 ladies and a small boy, who was playing with a squeaky ‘ball’. It transpired that the three were sisters and we had a very limited conversation with their small amount of English and my very small amount of Spanish! The little boy, who was 3, was quite amusing as he had obviously been watching football and was trying to do all the tricky foot moves around the ball. There were occasions when he fell over his own feet and also managed to hit me with the ball, not having honed his motor skills to the finest degree as yet!

View of the mountains above Huaraz
View of the mountains above Huaraz

Eventually, I took my leave and walked to the Movil tour bus depot to buy my ticket to Lima for tomorrow. After that, I decided to walk back to the Casa as it was such a beautiful evening and I needed a bit more exercise. However, the walk was fairly unpleasant as it was along a busy road so I was quite relieved to arrive back at the corner store where I bought a very large bottle of beer (there being no small ones), and some bread and adjourned to my room for consumption. When I looked out my window, the sun was reflecting off Mount Huascaran, which is the highest mountain in Peru and the second most difficult mountain in the world to climb, apparently. It was very beautiful and a fitting end to my stay in Huaraz.

View of Mt Huascaran from my room
View of Mt Huascaran from my room

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