The long and winding road

The whole day today was spent travelling to Camaguey. We had a couple of stops for photos and one for lunch and the journey took 7 hours as the roads were rough and bumpy and we were held up periodically by horses and carts or bicycles, the main means of transport for local people.

Old Sugar Cane Plantation train
Old Sugar Cane Plantation train
Entrance to Santiago de Cuba province
Entrance to Santiago de Cuba province
Lunch time band
Lunch time band

Lunch was at a cafe frequented by tourists and locals alike and we were entertained the whole time by a band which was most enjoyable.

I was feeling a lot better today, thank goodness, and even better after being given an extra strong paracetemol to get rid of the headache I had had for the last 3 days.

We arrived at our hotel, the only one on the tour, at about 4.30pm and were welcomed with a mojito, which was most acceptable!

Monica then took us on a short walking orientation tour through the main street of her home town. It was wonderful to see a place at last that wasn’t virtually in ruins. Many of the buildings here were restored as part of the 500th anniversary last year and it certainly makes a difference. I wonder if many of the other places we have been to will ever be returned to their former glory? It is going to be a massive undertaking if and when there is the money, tools and materials available.

After the walk, I wandered down the street a bit further with three of the Australians and had a not very good cocktail at a bar down the road before going back to the hotel for a short while before dinner.

Monica reappeared with her boyfriend at 8.30pm and took us off to a restaurant for dinner. By this time though, my headache was back and I didn’t feel like eating much so when the others went off to a music bar, I returned to the hotel. One of these days, I will make it out for an evening of music and dance!

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