Sun, snow and saunas

This week has continued in much the same vein as the previous ones, although a minor miracle occurred on Saturday when the sun appeared along with a beautiful blue sky, which certainly lifted the spirits. Who cares if the temperature remains at -10 degrees all day when it is sunny?! I took advantage of the change in weather and went for a drive up the road to Newport Center, itself, where there was a lovely view of the mountains and the houses benefited from a lot more sun during the day. I then drove in a loop and back to Newport town to do some shopping.

Road into Newport Center
Road into Newport Center
View of the mountains
View of the mountains

I finally took delivery of the sauna on Wednesday. Apparently, the crate was too heavy for the tail gate on the truck but the carriers had neglected to tell me that last week when I rang to rearrange the delivery that didn’t happen. As it was, the driver had to break the crate apart and each piece had to be off loaded individually. Fortunately, Mike, the contractor next door, was available to help the driver as he couldn’t have managed it on his own. The heavy solid cedar wood wall panels are now stacked in the garage and the bits I could carry, I have taken to the basement. All I have to do now is chase up a contractor to come and fit it all together. The duties of a housesitter know no bounds!

The finished sweater
The finished sweater

On Friday evening, I had a very pleasant evening with the neighbours and Mike, who is staying in the house. The food was good and the conversation, as usual, very varied. Fortunately, the snow plough had cleared the driveway in the morning and I could drive the car out as I had decided that trying to wade through the snow on the bank might prove a little too difficult in the dark.

The sweater is now complete and, surprisingly, wearable, with enough wool left over to knit some gloves and a hat, which is also a new experience for me. Knitting with 4 straight needles in rounds proved a bit of a challenge at the start but, luckily, I realised I was going round the wrong way before I started on the thumb shaping. It could have produced some interesting shaped gloves otherwise!

I now have a relatively snow cleared path, having done a considerable amount of shovelling, although I was beginning to wonder at the futility of it all when the snow seemed to cover it again almost as fast as I could clear it. However, it has lasted a couple of days so I live in hope that is might remain!

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