One degree and tropical

I have spent the week hibernating whilst outside the snow and cloud have descended. The lake is frozen and covered in snow and Bubba and I have had to wade through 8 inches (20 cm) of snow on our thrice a day walks. This is surprisingly hard work for me but Bubba appears to relish it and bounds around with remarkable ease. I have contemplated the snow shoes but, given my non existent ability with skis, feel I would be asking for trouble if I actually used them.

The snow plough has been twice in the last couple of days and cleared the drive, which would be marvellous if I had the urge to take the car, with its snow tyres, out (I don’t) but, as I quickly discovered, rendered it lethal for pedestrians. So now I have one or two more bruises to add to the ones obtained when I tripped up the solid wood staircase the other day.

Today feels positively tropical, the temperature having risen to a balmy 1 degree. I even had to remove my scarf and gloves whilst walking, although kept the orange fluoro hat on so that the almost mythical hunter would not mistake me for a deer. Admittedly, I was also wearing silk thermals, a merino t shirt, wool sweater and very thick, warm jacket, so wasn’t exactly dressed for summer.

Having decided that grey sky, cold and snow is not my natural habitat, I have also been researching my escape to warmer climes. Cuba here I come! Luckily for me, the Canadians regard Cuba as a wonderful destination for all inclusive holidays, which mean there are some cheap flights from Montreal.

Aside from the hours on the internet, I have been making progress with the knitting. After all, it has to be finished if I am to get a chance to wear it before departing for the tropics. The back and front are now finished and I am almost up to the armholes on the sleeves. However, there is a slight variation in the colour. It might be the same wool but is obviously a different dye lot. At least it will be unique!

Bubba in the snow
Bubba in the snow

Our main excitement of the week occurred last night. As I was watching Alan Yentob’s ‘Imagine’ programme about Scrabble (very interesting and worth a look), the lights started flashing on and off just like they do in spooky horror films and two minutes later went off completely. Bubba stuck close to my side as I groped my way to the garage to find the torch and then the candles and phoned the AKB (Almost Kiwi Bloke for those readers who have forgotten) next door to make sure it wasn’t just me that didn’t have power. (It wasn’t.)

There followed an exceedingly quiet couple of hours with me reading by torchlight and Bubba with his head in the normal place as close to the fire as he could possibly get it. (I’m surprised his brain hasn’t fried by now.) The only sounds came from the 4 phones that kept beeping to tell me they were not charging. Eventually, even they gave up and there was total silence. Has anyone noticed how much noise fridges and heat pumps make? It is quite a rare occasion when there is no sound at all in a house and it was a most enjoyable and relaxing finish to the day. (And, yes, the electricity did come back on before I went to bed.)

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