An internet world

I haven’t ventured out much over the last few days, except to take Bubba for his walks, as the weather has been cold and grey and not conducive to leaving the house (at least for one who is used to warmer temperatures and no snow). The only person I have spoken to in person is a hunter we encountered in the woods, on which occasion I was glad that I had been wearing my high viz vest as he had spotted us coming and realised we weren’t deer! From him I learned that the deer shooting season finished the next day, then there was a respite of a week before the musket hunting started. Musket? What era are we living in?

However, despite not actually meeting people, I have not felt totally isolated because of our internet world and have come to realise how easy it is, in this day and age, to live without human contact for quite some time. This is certainly not a world that would suit me on a long term basis but, for now, it is a novelty. I have Skyped and emailed friends and family, downloaded audio and e books from the library, played Scrabble online with a friend in England, done my Christmas shopping, researched escapes to warmer climes and watched television and listened to the radio via the internet. And all without leaving my chair. This has got to be better than battling Black Friday shopping crowds!

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