Snow, snow and more snow!

It has been snowing on and off since I arrived in Newport although, thankfully, conditions have not been as bad as elsewhere in the U.S., notably Buffalo, which is under several feet of snow. All of the 50 States appear to have been affected by the unseasonal cold.

Walking in the woods
Early morning walk in the woods
Tracks in the snow
Tracks in the snow – only deer? (I hope!)

Luckily, I have not had to drive anywhere, being well stocked with food, books and the internet. The only ventures I have made outside over the last couple of days have been to walk Bubba, who is conditioned to walks in the early morning (7.30am), mid afternoon (between 2 and 3pm) and last thing at night (9pm by my standards!) The latter is obviously the hardest as by this time I am nicely warm and not really wanting to go out into sub zero temperatures. However, Bubba will not leave the house without accompaniment, which can be good and bad!

The walks take me on a loop around the property, across a paddock, through the woods and either back to the house or to the mailbox at the end of the drive, if it is the afternoon. The evening walk is just up the drive with Bubba on a lead in case we meet things I would rather not, such as coyotes. We both wear high viz vests as it is the hunting season and we really don’t want to be mistaken for deer.

View from the deck
View from the deck

The snow is quite beautiful when there is no wind blowing and it is absolutely still and silent, apart from the odd gunshot reverberating around and the muffled sounds of the occasional vehicle.

Once inside, it is very cosy and warm, with instant music at a tap on my ipad or phone, a fire and very comfortable chairs from which I can admire the view. What more could one want?

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