Bonjour, Hi

I am back in Montreal, land of the incomprehensible Quebecois and ‘Bonjour, Hi’ greeting, for a brief sojourn after spending time in England and a break from blogging.

My plane landed at 7pm local time and midnight body clock time. However, courtesy of a very efficient public transport system, it took no time at all to top up my Opus card with a weekly ticket ($24.50 for unlimited travel from Monday to Sunday), catch the 747 bus into Berri Uqam and then hop on the orange line metro for the few stops to Beaubien. It was just as well it was straight forward as, by this time, I was on auto pilot!

Night sky
Night sky

After a 5 minute walk to Rue Saint Hubert, I found the doorway of my Airbnb accommodation. I was a little surprised, not only by the picture of Jesus on the glass front door and the sauna posters on the wall inside the hall way, but also the fact that it was an apartment above the shops. Not quite how I had envisioned it but one can’t judge by appearances, as I have found out before.

Having rung the bell, I was greeted very warmly by Diane, who welcomed me into her comfortable home and then proceeded to give me some lengthy explanations about how things worked. She eventually realised that I might be tired and I still had my pack on my back! The bed beckoned and it wasn’t long before I was in it.

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